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100% focus on Solar Energy

     Born for Sun, Light for You.
HES have a 100% focus on designing and building solar Energy system and have been doing over 10 years. Our solutions are mostly always offered to remote and harshest environments.
Offering solutions for solar using is pieces from us that you will find we are prior different from our competitors:

     Reliable products and long life time
Reliability comes from original designing the system considering real working conditions. 10years experience of managing and designing systems has taught us what is needed to ensure the system powering long time. It is reliable components and reasonable Configuration.
We choose the right components and make thoughtful calculation that give our solutions a long life, even in the most difficult and harsh conditions.

     Our solutions must work first time
When components or system installed in a remote areas , in a jungle or ˇ°justˇ± on the other side of a ranch then you need to know that it works out of the box.
Every HES goods is tested for 3times before it is packed. We do a raw material, half-circuit, mixture of in-process testing combined with real testing. Every electronics like regulator, inverter are measured before delivery.

     Regular Return Visit and Customer Training service 
HES engineers team are professionally for 20years in Solar power energy filed. They do regular return visit and customer training with partners each year. If something does go wrong, all the technical ,business questions could be talked and solved during that time. Or all electronic boards, other components HES systems are allowed to be easily replaced.  

     HES , stand by you with supper solutions !