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Stand Alone solutions

Stand-alone PV system must be able to meet home¡¯s energy requirements every day of the year. The PV system must be able to keep the battery bank charged¡ªor include a generator for backup.

Stand-alone PV system is one of important section When HES founded in 2010, our mission was to change the way people generate and use energy, one rooftop at a time. And for ten years, we¡¯ve continued to broadcast this message, loud and clear. HES has become the closest partner for home, business installers and integrators.

Since 2010, we¡¯ve attended and executed more than thousands projects for Home Power using. Each project contains the most comprehensive, technical coverage of solar charging and discharging, and reliable factory products at the best prices, such as PV modules, Solar regulators, Pure /Modified Sine wave inverters , Hybrid inverter charger.